Digital PR Cambridge

As an entertainer in today’s digital world it is very important to get an online footprint. Most people are getting their entertainment from the internet so if you don’t have a presence there you will never become a household brand. One of the best ways to do that is to hire a Cambridge digital PR company, but since there are so many of them in the city it is not as easy as it sounds. Here is what you should take into account before you choose:

• Does the company have a reputation for building strong social media presence? Look into their past and current clients to find out what kind of a footprint they have on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and so on.

• Find out whether the company has strong connections with famous bloggers, music journalists and other famous online personalities. For them to have those kinds of ties they have to have been around for quite some time.

• Before you sign any contracts make sure that you completely understand the terms of the deal. It is wise to hire an entertainment lawyer to go through the contract and make sure that you are getting a good deal.

• Find out what kind of timeline you are looking at in terms of how long it will take to get your name out there. Some digital PR companies make promises that they really cannot keep. Remember, if it looks too good to be true it probably is.

One Cambridge digital PR company that has a great reputation for helping musicians is Quite Great. They have been around for many years and have been helping entertainers since the advent of the internet. They are known for working with reasonable timelines, and their fees are also very affordable. You can find out more on their website,

Medical writing services

Medical writing services are all about making sure that a medical company can find a way to communicate with the public at large. Medical writing is a unique field. This field is highly diverse. A nurse may spend a day working with patients and dealing with their problems directly. A doctor may spend the day making rounds and engaging in diagnostic activities. Many medical researchers spend hours each day thinking of new and innovative ways for them to help combat medical problems. A medical writer can help all of them communicate to the public more effectively. Medical writing services are about showing professionals how to communicate to the public and to communicate to their peers. A medical writing service can publicize a new development, show the public why a treatment may work best for them and help convey important developments in the field to their peer group all year long.

Speaking to the Public

The public may not understand much about medicine. Many people have little understanding of the role that medicine can play in their lives. They may not know why a specific training may work or what to do if they have been diagnosed with a serious illness. The medical writing firm can help tell people what they need to know. Writers can help reduce jargon and translate difficult concepts into ones that are easier to understand even for those who do not understand many ideas. The right medical writing firm can also help convey important ideas that the public needs to understand better. A medical practice can tap into this in order to help them speak to the public directly and let them understand why the issue is important to them. Each member of the medical firm can work directly with a writer to help them speak to the public.

boarding house layout

Boarding schools vary in layouts. Some boarding schools are large place with lots of open areas. Others have only a few buildings and not a lot of open space because they are located near a major city. Each parent should think about the kind of layout that is right for their child. A parent may want to think closely about the kind of spaces they want their child to have once at the school. In some cases, a child will want to stay in the countryside because they want to spend a lot of time outdoors. They may want to spend time playing their favorite sports. In other instances, a child may want to stay close to the large urban area for many reasons including being able to stay in touch with friends and having access to their favorite sites in the urban area. A parent should think about what is best for their child when it comes to a boarding house layout.

Each School is Unique

Just like each student, each school is also unique. Each boarding school has something specific and special to offer. A school may offer a specific program that is geared towards the sciences. They may also have a historic record that indicates that a child who goes there is likely to do very well academically and socially. A boarding school layout may be geared towards providing close supervision for the child no matter what they are doing. The school may also have a more open plan that gives each child more opportunities to explore their interests in a given subject without such close supervision. Any parent should have a a close look at the layout of the school before doing anything else. This way, they can decide if that layout is right for their child.

SEO Cambridge

A Head In The Cloud Agency is an expert in many areas of web development including SEO.  SEO stands for search engine optimization, it’s basically a fancy way of saying that the text on your site will be arranged in a manner that makes it easier for major search engines to find.  This is important because when the average person goes online looking for a product or service they probably aren’t sure what companies are even out there that offer this particular product or service.  So they use a search engine to look for what they need.  Guess which companies are contacted most often by people when they get their search engine results? Well, it’s not the bottom results.  In fact, it’s not even the bottom results on the first page in most cases.  The fact is that the top 3 results are the sites that are most likely to be contacted by potential customers.  The top 3.

So how do you make sure that your site ranks in that all so critical top 3 search engine results? You could spend a lot of time and effort learning how SEO works yourself.  Then in time, you may be able to figure out the process on your own.  Too bad it’s not a static system and it changes over time.  Because of that even if you managed to unlock the secrets of SEO on your own, it would be an ongoing process to keep up with it.  Then while you are investing all of this time and energy into learning about SEO who is going to run your business? Instead of trying to run your business and handle the SEO needs of your site you should instead hire an expert to help lighten your load.  If you are ready to get the help that you need, and you live in or around Cambridge, then do yourself a favor and contact A Head In The Cloud Agency today.

Concert Stage Music Stands and Lighting

RAT Stands is a worldwide leader in concert stage stands and lighting accents. With quality workmanship and durable materials, we are committed to excellence in all music stands and accessories. In fact, our products are utilized by countless conductor, musicians, and performance halls all over the world. This is why we are a global leader and supplier of the best lighting and musical stands in the industry. Since 1976, RAT Stands has facilitated Broadway and international opera houses with the best in stands, conductor chairs, performance chairs and much more. With eye-catchy designs that correlate with any performance or theme – we are proud to continue the great RAT Stand tradition.

RAT Stands for Concert Stages

RAT Stands features a full range of products that will electrify your concert stage. From RAT musical stands and performer chairs to lighting – we can truly illuminate any live performance or event. This includes Broadway shows, along with rock concerts and especially operas. RAT products are technically advanced to support all artists, musicians and musical directors. In fact, our products continue to receive great reviews and industry ratings across the globe. Here are some of the top-notch items we feature at RAT Stands for your convenience:

•    Adjustable, lightweight and mobile music stands – orchestras, operas, concerts, and performers.
•    Acoustic screen, light stands, and conductor music sheet stands for all live performances.
•    Innovative and cutting-edge illumination and lighting stands for all events.
•    Speed Decks – Tablet Stands – wired and wireless components and accessories.
•    All types of ergonomically-designed chairs – performers, conductors and musicians.
•    Personalized and customized stands that are durable, sturdy and designed to last for years to come.

When it comes to RAT Stands, you get true quality and dedication with every product. We also feature a range of promotional discounts and specials at our site.

Joinery Cambridge

Choosing the right joinery expert for your Cambridge home is important – joinery is expensive and you don’t want your project to go wrong. Whether you are installing new wardrobes, a new floor or door and window frames you should take your time and select the right joiner. There are certain qualities that will tell you whether you are working with the right one. The first and most important is experience. The longer a joiner has been at work the better. Find out whether they specialize in the kind of work that you want done, and the last time that they did it. Ask them if they will do the job themselves or whether they will subcontract it.

When it comes to projects around your home it is always important to get a contract before any work is done and joinery is no exception – it helps protect you in case things don’t work out. Your contract should include all the details of the job as well as a breakdown of all the costs. It should also indicate when the work will be complete. Your joinery expert should be very clear about what happens in case he cannot complete the work on time – will you get a discount for every day that the job is not complete? This helps motivate joiners to do jobs in a timely manner.

Joiners typically provide all supplies that are required for your job but you should clarify with yours whether they will be doing that. Look into their supplier to find out whether they have a reputation for quality materials. Make sure that you get a guarantee from your joiner in case the work doesn’t hold up.

One joinery company that will not let you down is Salmons Bros. Ltd. They are known for top quality work and they endeavour to finish all their projects on time.

Boarding Schools in Hertfordshire

A Hertfordshire boarding school is an excellent idea for any child – it helps them become more independent while they are getting an education. It is important, however, that as a parent you choose a boarding school for your child carefully – sending them to the first one that you come across can go horribly wrong. To start with, make sure that your child is involved in the decision to go to boarding school – not all children are suited to learning away from home.

As you look at schools consider your child’s character – some of these schools are highly competitive and if your child is of a retiring nature learning in such an environment would set them back. You should also consider the kind of curriculum that is on offer. Some schools lean heavily towards the arts while others prefer sciences.

Boarding arrangements are very important – your child has to be comfortable in order to learn. Many Hertfordshire boarding schools have shared dormitories, but if your child needs their privacy you can pay a bit more and get them their own room. Make sure that they get a balanced diet with enough food to sustain them. Find out what happens in case of emergencies – are you expected to take your child o the hospital yourself or does the school take action right away?

Your child also need emotional and spiritual support so the school that you choose should have someone on staff that the children can go to in case they encounter problems. The teachers and support staff should be proactive at spotting problems and once they do they should be able to act at once.

One school that will not fail your child is St. Francis’ College. They have an excellent curriculum for girls and they provide all the support that children need in order to be able to excel.

Music Chairs by RAT Stands

RAT Stands is proud to feature a wide array of chairs for live performances and operas. These comfortable chairs are ergonomically-designed to ensure optimal mobility and balance during live musical performances. Whether looking for Conductor or Opera chairs, our units offer excellent lumbar support with adjustable seat angles. You also have your choice of optional adjustable legs, which enable the angle of the backrest and height – of the chair – to be adjusted as well. Here are some of the top chairs we offer for professional musicians, conductors, bands and orchestras.
Assembly Chair – Folding
The Assembly Chair is expertly designed to offer enhanced support and optimal comfort. Whether for live performances, recording sessions, or musical ensembles -these chairs are guaranteed to meet all your needs across the board.
The Opera Chair
Opera chairs are designed for professional conductors and musicians. With excellent lumbar support and adjustable seat angle, these chairs truly offer maximum comfort and mobility for all performers. In fact, the near vertical stack – and small stacking pitch- enables the chair to be stacked on a flat-floor without the need for a trolley.
The Acoustic Baffle for the Opera Chair
The Acoustic Baffle sits securely on the back of our signature Opera Chair – and can easily be removed. This saves you floor space, while securing the best audio environment possible for musicians. It also helps diffuse high frequencies and prevents long-term damage.
The Conductor’s Chair
The Conductor’s Chair is designed to support your lumbar region during live concerts and practice sessions.

The Bass Stool

The Bass Stool is simply perfect for your bassist or percussionist. Designed with comfort and stability in mind, this chair is available in 4 varieties and can easily be customized and adjusted as desired.
For more information, simply visit our website or contact us today:

The Ideal Window Sash

Looking at many modern houses today, there are so many window designs to always pick from but are all of them necessary? This is the first question that needs to come to your mind and you will need to have good leverage whenever picking out a design for your window sash.
You May Need to Think About Some Factors
Before picking a suitable window sash or design, you need to consider several aspects such as the weather of the area, the security and maybe even factors such as kids. It would be absolutely absurd to have your window sash made out of weak wooden frames and yet you live in a windy area or maybe your area has experienced several disasters such as tornados.
The Best Materials to Use
In this modern day century, contractors and builders now have a variety of materials for the frame and sash but here is what you didn’t know about it:
Tracing back to the 1970s, Vinyl became a popular frame material due to the fact that it’s fairly priced and is energy efficient. Major contractors even referred to it as the ‘white gold’ because of the vast market created for it. This material is mainly made out of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which has the capability to provide solid insulation.
Thanks to Geographers and Scientists, Aluminum was discovered as one of the most versatile materials for building. Apart from that, the metal has always been affordable in many cases and can be customized for various projects. One should also not forget that this material is durable and can last for many years.
Clad Wood
Just from the name itself, clad wood consists of the wood itself but only that the exterior frame is clad with either aluminum or vinyl in order to make it more durable and weather resistant as well. Unfortunately, this kind of material will definitely cost more than regular wood due to its added advantages.

Milkman UK

If getting milk and other groceries for your Cambridgeshire home is becoming a hassle you should consider engaging the services of a milkman. Milkmen were common in the past but as commercialization became rampant people started getting their milk in cartons from the shop. Today, the institution is coming back to life because many people realize that it makes a lot of sense to have your milk delivered and here is why:

• There simply isn’t enough time to go to the store for milk every day. If you are a busy person the services of a milkman will come in handy because apart from milk they can deliver things like bread, butter, cheese, jam and much more.

Milkmen deliver milk that is produced locally which means that it is much fresher and healthier than you would get at the shop. The milk usually comes from surrounding farms which means that it doesn’t cost much to transport. If you like to eat organic food you should find a milkman who can also deliver a variety of vegetables and fruit.

• By buying your milk from a milkman near you it helps support local farmers – their industry has been floundering over the years and your purchases will help at least one of them keep their door open.

• This is a valuable service for those who cannot make it to the shop either because they are elderly or are convalescing.

• Milkmen use recycled glass bottles to deliver which means that they leave less of a carbon footprint.

One highly recommended milkman service in Cambridgeshire is Plums Dairy. They have delivered milk in the are for more than 60 years and they are very reliable. They can also deliver a host of other groceries.