Breath Monitoring Device

Nowadays, data and information are things that can not be neglected for the simple fact that there are all kinds of technologies that use these for a good purpose. For example, military, health and safety, clinics, and personal trainers rely on physiological data and records to determine certain aspects for the purpose of increasing the performance of the human body or to keep control of the organism to determine if something is wrong with the individual who is being studied. Thanks to the multiple technological advancements of the century, there are brands like equivital which are recognized for their offerings in clinical-grade wearable technology such as breath monitoring devices that can be used in a multitude of environments.


Equivital is recognized for offering multiple real-time technologies that are capable of recording real-time physiological data thanks to the usage of medical-grade materials and software that are capable of keeping track of multiple aspects of the human body in order to study it and determine better approaches in the future. In the case of breath monitoring devices, equivital features the eq02+ lifemonitor which is a multiparameter data tracker monitor that is capable of tracking breathing rate, heart rate, skin temperature, and even the position and motion thanks to the usage of portable ECG, respiratory monitors, and built-in thermometers.

In the past, it was basically impossible to have access to real-time data without going to any clinics, laboratories, specialized gyms, etc. But nowadays, with the usage of devices like the eq02+ lifemonitor, it is not only simpler but also more effective (in certain circumstances) as it is a device that can continuously track all of the previously discussed parameters while being able to store vital information for more than 50 days thanks to the usage of an 8GB memory, perfect for recording and logging rich physiological data used in many industries across the world like military, personal trainers, clinics, laboratories and other organizations that want to discover many wonderful aspects for clinical research purposes.


  • Normally these include multi-parameter monitoring which relies on built-in technologies like ECG, respiration devices, tri axis accelerometer,s and thermometers which are crucial for many studies and investigations.
  • Nowadays, thanks to the usage of medical-grade materials and top-notch engineering, it is possible to record high data quality without suffering from any data losses which became very popular in older devices, luckily, that issue is almost extinct.
  • Most monitoring devices are made with very lightweight materials so that it become extremely comfortable wear that can be used for long periods in order to guarantee better results thanks to longer studies.
  • Using integral power supplies to achieve up to 48 hours of battery life, is more than enough for many investigations and for those who prefer to share the monitoring devices with other individuals without having to charge them.
  • Finally, flexible and easy-to-configure software is included so that even 3rd party devices and applications can adapt to the device so that monitoring becomes even simpler and more effective.

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