Cambridge Mill Products

You have decided that for the upcoming remodel of your Cambridge home you would like to choose the wood yourself. There is no shortage of Cambridge mills so this task may not be as easy as you think. You need to know a lot not just about the different kinds of wood that they produce, but also about the different milling processes that are involved.
You will need to know, for example, the difference between hard woods and soft woods. Hard woods come from deciduous trees, or trees that have leaves such as oak. When it comes to home renovations hard woods can be used for floors, doors and even window frames. Soft woods are milled from conifers – these means trees that have needles and cones instead of leaves. Soft woods should not be used in areas of the home that experience a lot of traffic as they are not able to wear it well. They can be used for projects such as cabinets and wardrobes. Hard wood will cost you more than soft wood, another factor that you should take into account.
As you look at Cambridge mill products you should look keenly into how the wood is cured. Wood contracts and expands depending on the weather – when it is wet it absorbs moisture and expands, and when it is hot all the moisture is lost and the wood contracts. Contracting and expanding leads to warping and the only way to counteract this is cure the wood using the right method.
This may all sound very complicated if you are new to wood and wood milling. It is best to work with an expert, someone who has dealt with wood from Cambridge wood mills for a long time. it limits your exposure.
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