Coastal Cottages Norfolk

The last time you took your young family on holiday it was anything but relaxing – your children were tired of being cooped up in their hotel room, they weren’t too keen on the crowds at the beach and they didn’t like the hotel food much either. At the end of your holiday you were more tired that when you left. Is it possible to find a different kind of holiday this year? If you booked a cottage at the Norfolk coast you can – they offer a truly relaxing time.
Holiday cottages are becoming more and more popular among couples with young families. They are a home away from home – you will enjoy a truly relaxing holiday without the stress of staying in a hotel. Better yet, you will pay just the fraction of the cost of a hotel holiday. So how do they work
It is very simple; all you need to do is look online to find a cottage that can accommodate your family. Decide on the number of bedrooms you would like as well as amenities – if you choose right you can get a swimming pool, a hot tub, a barbecue and lots more. The best cottages also have plenty to keep the young ones busy as you relax and enjoy yourself and they will be supervised at all times.
Your children will have plenty of room to run around – they can explore the countryside (so make sure that they bring their bikes) and they can also relax at the beach and enjoy some sun and sand. There are many attractions that are within driving distance for the whole family to enjoy.
We recommend that you book a cottage at Wheatacre Hall Barns – they have some of the best holiday cottages at the Norfolk coast and they are all fairly priced. You can have a look for yourself on

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