Fence installation

Fence installation or construction depends on the type of fence you prefer for your home not forgetting also the amount of money you want to spend on it. You can decide to install a brick wall fence, a wooden fence, an aluminum-steel fence, a wire mesh fence or just a natural fence like the Kei Apple plant fence.
 Nevertheless here are some of the factors you should be keen on when you want to construct a fence
 On deciding on the type of fence you want to fix, one should know the size of land they want to fence. If it runs along property lines, talk to a land surveyor to ensure that it runs strictly on your land to reduce conflicts.
 Once you have this in mind, use a tape measure and a pencil to begin sketching of the location and design on a piece of paper. This will help you acquire the right amount of materials.
 You should have the key reasons for installation in your mind. For instance, one would place a fence to increase privacy and for safety. This enables you to decide on the location and the type of fence to make.
 You should also be aware of the maintenance cost of the fence. For example, a wood fence and an aluminum and steel fence need high maintenance. For instance, a wooden fence requires to be cleaned, stained and or painted periodically and an aluminium-steel fence needs to be coated and painted every few years. This helps in maintaining the good look of the fence.
 With all these at hand, you can know the type of fence to install, its qualities, for example, the materials used and height and its location. The design or the type of fence you want to install may have a design on it matching with the pattern of your house.
 One should now get the labor, prepare the land where it is being installed for example by clearing the vegetation around there if its necessary and ensuring the location is clean. This is the right time for you to negotiate the price with your installers if it doesn’t suit you till you agree on a suitable cost.
 Installation of a fence around your home will also include the construction of a gate. The entire home cannot be enclosed without an opening or gate to get in and out. For that reason, one should also involve the materials to be used to construct the preferred type of gate. Include both a walk gate and a drive gate to make it fancy even if you dont own a car.

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