Hearing Aids: NHS or Private

Hearing deficiencies are common in the UK – while a number of people are born with them, many others go on to develop them during their lifetime. It can be daunting to discover that you have a hearing disability. You shouldn’t worry too much – most people are able to live full lives with the help of many new technologies that are now widely available. The most common, of course, is hearing aids. These are placed in the auditory canal and they serve to amplify sound so that one can hear normally.
When the time comes for you to get hearing aids you may find yourself wondering whether you should get them through the NHS or whether you ought to seek a private practitioner. It all depends on your particular set of circumstances. If you are really hard up for money you may not be able to afford a private audiologist. They usually charge a consultation fee, a fee for the different kinds of tests to determine the best hearing aids for you and any other tests that the doctor may deem necessary. While private audiologists may be expensive many people still choose them because they are able to get the attention that they require right away. The NHS, while much cheaper, will require you to wait longer. The system has few audiologists for many patients so wait times can run into months.
You shouldn’t give up on seeing a private practitioner until you have done your homework. There are many who are happy to see patients on payment plans – you pay them a small amount for a consultation, tests and hearing aids and then you can pay monthly until your debt is paid in full.
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