How to Make a Custom Jewelry Etching.

Jewelry is one of the most popular gifts given by people to their loved ones. There are many types of metal, including gold, silver, and platinum that can be used in jewelry designs. Custom metal etching is a great way to make your jewelry unique. It can also add an extra sparkle and shine to any piece of jewelry that you have made. There are a variety of ways to create custom etchings for different metals including copper and brass. Follow these instructions on how to make a custom metal etching for any metal type for any occasion!


First, you need to decide what design you want to make on your metal etching. The design is going to be permanent and will last for a long time. You can use the design of your choice or have a custom piece made just for you!

Next, pick up some ink. There are many kinds of ink that can be used depending on the type of metal that you are working with. Metal etchings are usually done in black and silver, but other colors like gold and copper may also work well. Once you’ve picked out your color, go ahead and dip the end of the tool into the ink so that it’s soaked, but not dripping. Next, hold onto the metal etching tool by its handle and dip it into the wet ink until it’s fully covered with ink. When using silver or black ink, you’ll want to do this multiple times so that it coats the entire tool evenly.

To make sure that your metal etching lasts as long as possible without fading away or tarnishing over time, when dipping back into the wet ink in between each coat place one hand on top of the other so they don’t touch each other as they dry out. This will help make sure that there isn’t any contact with air between each dip in order to avoid brittleness or crazing (when parts break off due to contact with air).

When finished filling in all of the dips in your metal etching tool with your chosen color, wipe off


First, you will need a piece of copper that has been cleaned and polished. Next, use a rubber mallet to create an indentation in the copper where you want the etching to be made. The indentation should be between the size of your head and your thumb.

Next, using a craft knife or a small file, create the design that you want on the copper. You can draw in different colors and make it as detailed as you would like. Finally, use a metal polish on your newly made etching so it can shine! This technique is perfect for giving as a gift to anyone who loves jewelry!


-First, cut the metal out that you are going to etch. It should be a square piece, not a round one.

-Next, use the back of an old spoon or a plastic spoon to get some brass cleaner and rub it all over the metal. This will clean off any dirt or grease that is on the surface of the metal (since this is for a custom etching)

-Now put some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and spread it all over the surface of your metal. This will make sure it is completely dry before you start etching it so there are no ink blobs left behind

-Once everything is completely dry, apply your etching ink to your metal. Some people prefer using just water because it’s less diluted than alcohol and can last longer but alcohol does have its advantages as well!

-Use a needle tool in order to create designs on your metal design. You can also use different tools such as needles, paintbrushes, toothpicks, etc.

There are a variety of different methods for making custom metal etchings. Copper etchings are typically the easiest to make and are a good option for beginners. For those who want a different or more intricate design, brass etchings may be better suited.

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