Kitchen Design

A modular kitchen has become a part of our lives over the years. With amazing technological advancements in the kitchen space, various new appliances and kitchen fixtures have come up to aid the modern lifestyle. However, you might still need some inspiration to enhance the visual appeal of your modular design. Check out the following ideas and inspirations that might help you set up a whole new kitchen.
Textured Ceiling – Many people forget to give the ceiling due respect that it deserves while designing a modular space. This is one part of the room that needs to be given more preference than you would normally do. Go for a false ceiling with a lacquered or polished texture to add finesse to the overall visual appeal. Good use of lights and chandeliers can also help you make your kitchen design look fabulous.
Electric Cooktop – This is a great way to save space, adding a classy touch to your modular kitchen design. It will make your kitchen look sleek and suave as the cooktop makes a statement where ever it goes. You can pick a metallic or jet black color so that it blends beautifully with the surroundings.
Pots Shelf – A dedicated pot shelf can help you make more space for your pots and pans while making space look neat. You can also invest in a hanging pot rack that will save the extra space you will spend to build an extra cabinet to store all your favorite pots and pans. It is a great idea to consult an interior designer for suggestions about the color and material of the shelf that will suit the rest of the decor.
The kitchen is one of the hottest regions of the house, and this thing is one of the most important parts of the kitchen. You will also find some of the great cabinet’s kitchen. However, you might find a lot of extra designing work in the handmade one, and that certainly make your kitchen just amazing.
The handmade kitchen is quite common in rural areas, and they use the cow dung for the painting purposes of the wall. The best example of the handmade kitchen goes for such kitchens. However, when you have a look at the handmade kitchen, then they might not put a good impression as other kitchens.
Kitchen Island – This is a must-have in any modular design as it enhances the look as well as functionality. The top of the island can be used to place your crockery, fruit basket, and other kitchen essentials while the base can be turned into hidden storage for pantry items, table decorations, champagne, and wine bottles, and more. This is an essential part of the kitchen set up as it makes the place look modern and stylish effortlessly.
Try out the above inspirations to revamp your modular design. This is why you need to discuss your vision as well as requirements with your home decorator before beginning any work. This will also help you get a better idea on paper about how your kitchen will look on completion of the design work.

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