Most Expensive Boarding Schools

What does it mean for your son or daughter to attend one of the most expensive boarding schools in England? When most parents hear of such schools the first thing that comes to mind is the money. It is true that these schools are not cheap. On average you will pay a minimum of about £50,000 a year and that is just for tuition and boarding – there may be other expenses on top of that. That, however, shouldn’t be all that you think about. These schools can provide lots of advantages for any child who is willing to take their education seriously.
These schools remain at the top of the table because they have very high pass rates. Some of them are able to send more than 90% of their students to top universities and other higher educational institutions. In other words, as soon as your child completes his or her A levels he will have a spot reserved for him in a prestigious university where he can start the career of his or her choice.
Another reason these schools are so highly regarded is the amount of exposure that they give to students. The student body recruits a certain quota from abroad – at any one time there is a good number of foreign students in the school. Your child will be able to learn about other cultures, not to mention make friends with kids from other countries who may be helpful later in their career.
Sending your child to an “Ivy League” boarding school in England is a great idea so long as you can afford it. They will get educated in an elite institution and this can be very helpful as they enter adulthood.
One of those schools, The Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies, accepts both boys and girls. The coeducational setting provides additional benefits that your child may not get in other schools. You can find out more on

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