Pastel Bouquets and Other Options

It’s sometimes possible to make a bridal bouquet look unique just by choosing certain colors for the flowers. Lots of brides will choose white or pink flowers. There is nothing wrong with that, but the brides who choose other flowers will automatically stand out in many cases.

Even choosing red flowers can be distinctive, in spite of the fact that people associate the color red with romance in a lot of cases. Red flowers look bold as a matter of course, and they can look really stunning against a white wedding dress. Orange flowers can create a particularly powerful effect as well, especially since a lot of people are not big fans of orange.

People who get married outdoors, especially during the autumn, will often create gorgeous pictures if they choose bouquets that use red, orange, or yellow flowers. Some of these flowers will blend in with the trees, and they can bring out some of the colors in the general environment.

Purple and blue flowers can also look striking and distinctive. While people often think that purple and blue are ‘quiet’ colors, they can actually look very bold in many cases. These flowers will look gorgeous at spring weddings in particular. Some people will like them at winter weddings as well. However, flowers like these will look fantastic in all situations. They will harmonize well with white wedding dresses.

Bouquets that use a lot of different colors an be very appealing, especially if the bride is going for a colorful ceremony in general. Black and white flower bouquets are also becoming popular. People like the contrast between these two shades. A bouquet that uses entirely black flowers can look gorgeous, especially when paired with a white wedding dress. No one needs to stick to pastel shades when it comes to floral bouquets, even though pastel shades are lovely.

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