Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Unit

There are many benefits to being able to install your own air conditioning unit. They are more expensive than window air conditioners, but are often longer lasting. Some come with warranties of up to 10 years, so choosing one that has this is important. Before you purchase a wall mounted air conditioning unit you should consider the following tips first, as they will help you make the right decision.

  1. Measure your room carefully to determine what size unit you will need. There are several different sizes of wall mounted air conditioning units, but the most common is the 5000 BTU (British Thermal Unit) unit.
  2. For installation in window openings that are at least 20 inches wide and between 14 and 16 inches deep, making sure the opening is not obstructed by moldings.
  3. When you are choosing a wall mounted air conditioning unit it is important to choose one with good insulation so that vibrations are reduced and noise is dramatically lessened, improving the overall efficiency of the unit.
  4. Choose one that has an Energy-Star label.
  5. Make sure to use an insulated cover made specifically for the unit you buy, as this will reduce vibrations and make it more efficient.
  6. If you are going to use a wall mounted air conditioning unit in a kitchen you should choose one with coils inside the units that are easily cleaned, thus preventing grease from building up and corroding the coils.
  7. Choose one with an Energy-Star label that vents through a wall, not directly outside or into a window, because these air conditioners usually run more efficiently and they help to save energy.
  8. If you plan to install your own wall mounted air conditioning unit make sure to consider what kind of venting system you will need since not all air conditions are designed for the same kind of venting.
  9. Before you buy a wall mounted air conditioning unit make sure to research more about your options so that you can more easily choose one that is right for your home and the amount of space you have available for it.
  10. Before you install your unit, keep in mind that there should be at least a 14-inch clearance around the air conditioner and that the wall surface behind it should not be porous.

Wall mounted air conditioning units keep the temperature constant throughout the room. They are mostly used for heating so if you want to use it as cooling device, make sure your house is well insulated. After installing the unit, you need to adjust airflow direction to ensure even distribution of heat or coolness.

The conditioning unit can be installed in any rooms without windows to prevent these things from growing excessively. The benefits of wall mounted air conditioning units are that they’re inexpensive, easily accessible for repair or replacement if needed, and serve the purpose of keeping the air in the room clean. To keep your wall mounted air conditioning unit running smoothly, there are some tips to take into consideration when installing this product.

  • Keep it away from doors or entrances that open and close frequently because of how easily they can be damaged by the door. For example, do not mount it directly outside a bathroom because the water and humidity will damage the unit.
  • Keep it away from direct sunlight and heat sources such as fireplaces, radiators, or stoves to prevent malfunctioning and rapid deterioration of the product. The extreme heat can cause cracks in the insulation that can obstruct airflow.
  • Do not mount on plasterboard walls since they are not strong enough to support the weight of the unit, causing it to fall.

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