Best act test prep

Tips to Achieve a Perfect ACT Score the First Time
Many colleges use ACT to determine admissions. A high ACT score not only gets you into your favorite college but it also shows that you are ready for the next level. That’s why it’s paramount to prepare adequately before taking the test. Here are the best ACT test prep tips to help you get admitted to your college of choice.
Get Professional Tutoring
A good ACT score saves you from retaking the test and allows you to send your scores to your preferred colleges for consideration. While it is possible to retake the test up to twelve times, it is advisable not to. Some colleges such as Stanford, Yale, Columbia, and others require you to send all the scores from every time you took the test, including those you performed poorly. Do it right the first time by getting professional tutoring. A tutor will help you to study and revise intensively for all the papers with a focus on the main areas that are tested during the exam.
Take ACT Practice Test
Nothing beats practice tests when it comes to ACT prep. Practice tests are exams that are formulated in the same way as the real ACT exam. They test the same concepts, and most incorporate question patterns from previous ACTs. Taking these practice tests exposes you to the real test and shows you what to expect during the d-day. Practice tests can also relax your mind on the exam day. Work with a tutor who includes some of the best ACT test prep exams in their training program.
When reading for your ACT, devote your energy to taking the test once. Don’t study with the mentality that you will repeat the test if you fail. If you do, you will most certainly fail. Prepare for the test as if there will be no second chances, and you’ll get your best score the first time.

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