Should I Hire SAT Tutors or Study on My own?

The cost of not getting into your preferred school due to a low sat score is infinitely higher than whatever SAT tutors charge. But many people do study on their own. Answering these questions can help you decide.

Are you organized?

Can you create a strong study plan and stick to it? Students who get high scores start their prep with solid plans. You’ll have to know where you’re currently standing, academically speaking, and plan from there. The best way to do this is to take a test prep and see how well you do. Afterwards, compare your target score (the ultimate sat score that’ll get you into the school of your choice), and your test prep score. That should give you an idea about how much studying you need to do.

If you know how much studies you need to do, check how much time you have till you take the SATs. Is the time frame doable for a DIY study? If you have sufficient time, do you have a good enough motivation and discipline to stick to your schedule? If it isn’t you might need sat tutors.

Do you have access to great SAT study resources?

It’s one thing to plan, and another to have adequate resources. There are A LOT of sat resources out there, some less effective than others. Do you know the right resources to use, or are you going to buy and study all of them? Knowing what to look for is just as important as the resources you use.

Note that you can not prepare for the SATs without the real SAT/ACT practice questions. Whatever extra materials you decide to read up would be just that. Extra. The only way to know what to expect on that day is with the real material. However, practicing questions alone won’t be enough, you have to understand the reasoning behind each question, which is why study textbooks exists. If you don’t know what to look for, you’d be better off deferring to the expertise of SAT tutors.

Can you effectively measure your progress?

Blind spots exist for a reason. Being able to take a hard look at your current progress, seeing your weaknesses, and addressing them takes a lot of skill most high school kids don’t have. Consistently failing one part of your test prep probably means you need outside help.

If you’re able to respond positively to these questions, then you might not need to hire SAT tutors. Otherwise, try getting outside assistance to maximise your SAT score.

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