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Make Predictions for WWE Hell in a Cell in Your Stone Journal

It is strange how people can just tell you how it can become hard for you to just make it loud for you to know that. After all, you can just document on the times it did not go too well for you and thinking it will go down the way you would want it to. There is always the option to list down your predictions for WWE Hell in a Cell this Sunday right in your stone journal. Of course, you can’t expect all of them to be right as Vince McMahon tends to change plans at the last minute. Most of the matches at the pay per view are pretty much rematches that we are really tired of seeing. Bayle and Bianca Belair are having another match for the WWE Smackdown Women’s title. Bayley already held the title for more than a year last year so you can’t really tell if anything will go down the way it can right now. The safe bet is for Belair to once again retain here even though she is just looking to make a name for herself as one of the upcoming stars in the company. It would be safe for her to come to the event with her huge strength and it is pretty much a given that the two wrestlers would be able to do more things since their match is now inside the cell. It is not the first time a women’s title match is held inside the unforgiving structure and it would be huge for both people.

When you list Cesaro as the winner for his match against Seth Rollins right in your stone journal then you have another thing coming. Besides, Cesaro has already beaten Seth Rollins twice so 50/50 booking would be a good reason for them to give Seth the win. If WWE is about to build new stars then now is the time to do it but with the expense of one of their best wrestlers in Seth Rollins as Cesaro is destined for greatness with his amazing wrestling skills and over the top mic skills too. He is like the perfect package and WWE can be in trouble if he does not resign with them as they can be in such a horrid situation with the wrestlers they have left. Everyone knows the fact that WWE has released a ton of stars over the past few months due to budget cuts but we all know that is not really true. Thus, it would be best for all the free agents to find their new homes and it could look like they would find new roles for them in no time. Alas, women’s wrestling is becoming more and more of a side attraction for these people as they look to focus more on brutes like Drew Mcintyre. Due to the stipulaiton that he would no longer be able to challenge for the richest prize if he fails to win, it would be no surprise if he does.

List Quarantine Guidelines in Your Wood Notebook

As the world is swept by a pandemic and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon, better list down in your wood notebook and find out all the things you need to know about the virus. For example, you will want to get some updates on the vaccines that are possibly coming to the country at a time when the cases have reached an all time high. Better be updated about all the news by checking out the websites every now and then so that you would know what you need to do every time you go outside if you are even allowed to do that. It is possible the government has implemented some kind of lockdown where nobody is really allowed to go out unless it is some kind of essential stuff that needs to be taken care of right away. When that happens, better avoid close contact with people that you don’t really know because you don’t know if they have the virus.

One of the important things that you must list down in your wood notebook would be to wear face mask at all times whenever you go out of the house. In fact, some would advise to do it inside the house too because you would not really know where the other people there went to. As a result, you would conclude right away that it would be better to be safe than sorry. The last thing you would want to happen is to get confined for a number of days. When that happens, you will be a bit worried about the amount you will spend for the hospital in that scenario. What a hassle that will be because you won’t be able to buy stuff that you were planning on buying. Now, you will just have to do good with what you have in order to do more with what you have right now as it will turn out great for everyone when you hope and pray for that. When you have someone at the hospital confined because of this virus you can only hope for the best result.

Don’t forget to write in your wood notebook that it would be advisable to stay at home as much as possible. When it is not really important, there is no need to go out as you will be able to stay pretty safe that way. Add that to the fact that you will want to be extra careful when you get in close contact with someone who turns out to be positive. If that is the case better quarantine yourself for a couple of weeks. This is the perfect time to do some online shopping so that you would realize the importance of being able to stay at home and learn a few things that you were not able to learn before. It would feel great to learn a few things so that you would be able to use it in the future.