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What to Expect When Buying a Vacation Home in Essex

Essex is a rich county in Southeast England. The county borders the amazing municipalities of Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. The three form a home county triangle known to provide exquisite, classic, and comfortable vacation properties for sale. In Essex, the real estate market is fast-growing and the pace-setters happen to be Hopkins Homes. Currently, they have properties in the sub-counties of Colchester, Stansted, Chelmsford, and Brentwood. Basically, they have a perfect vacation property for sale Essex for your family.

What to Expect

One amazing village that features exciting vacation homes in Essex is Colne Gardens. Each of the vacation properties has its own price depending on the plot size and home design. A basic property feature:

  • A tier house design with four ensuite bedrooms, a study, dining room, living room, and utility area.
  • Ample parking and separate garage

The properties are located in a vibrant and tranquil coastal locality. This means that the surrounding is ideal for living and relaxation. Essex is an ancient marine county that is well known for its attractive beach, bright villages, promenade, and busy port. In addition to these, there is major yachting club, an annual boat show, and a sailing club. All these attractions make Essex county an intriguing place to buy a vacation property.

Moreover, there are shops, leisure outlets, bakeries, and sports amenities close that make your vacation more fulfilling. If you or your kids are into sports, you can sign up at any of the thriving sports clubs for hockey, rugby, tennis, squash or cricket. If you are not into the mentioned sports, there is a community swimming club that you can join for recreational reasons. Simply, Essex has everything you need to enjoy your vacation.

The vacation properties for sale in Essex are undisputedly amazing. The villages are richly supplied with social and recreational amenities. They are all tailored to make your vacation stay fun and memorable.