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Gelato Training Courses

One of your dreams has always been to learn how to make gelato like a real Italian artisan and now that you plan to visit Italy for a few weeks you are wondering whether you can get an opportunity. In fact, you are in luck because today if you book your trip to Italy through the right tour company they can get you into gelato making classes. These classes are taught by some of the finest gelato artisans in Italy so you will truly be learning from the experts. So what should you do?
The first thing you should do is find the right tour company. As you search online you will find that there are many tour companies that offer these courses, but not all of them will be able to get you into Gelato University. Gelato University, as you may have quickly guessed, is the home of all things gelato and it is the best place to receive your course from.
Find out what courses available at the time of year that you are booking. They vary in duration – those who only wish to learn the basics about making gelato can book a course that lasts only a few hours, but there are some that take a few days and some that go for a few weeks – it all depends on how much of an expert you want to become.
The best tour companies for this sort of thing are those that offer their clients the opportunity to learn about more than just gelato. You will be given the option to join classes on cheese making, salami making and even go truffle hunting.
We suggest you book your trip through Sapori-e-Saperi. They plan some of the best gelato classes for tourists. You can get in touch with them through

Small Group Tours of Tuscany Italy

Small group tours of Tuscany are becoming more and more common and you are wondering what their benefits are and whether you should book yourself on one. Tuscany is one of the most romantic locations in Europe and while you may want to go on a tour with just your better half it makes a lot of sense to book yourselves on a group tour. Here is why:
•    Most people who book themselves on group tours do it because of their budgets. Travelling in Italy alone can be expensive – you have to take care of your ‘own transport, accommodation, meals and everything else that you will need when you are on holiday. Since it is just you and your loved one you have to pay full rates. When you travel in a group, however, you are able to get discounts because of the numbers. If you don’t have a high budget to visit Tuscany a group tour is the way to do it.
•    Wouldn’t you like to go on tour and many other people who have the same interests? This is what happens when you book a group tour. You are put together with others who want to see the same locations and do the same activities. By the end of your time together you will have got to know them pretty well and who knows – you may make friends for life.
•    Organizing everything for your trip can be a bit of a hassle – you have to take care of all the travel arrangements, the accommodation, meals and so on. When you book a group tour all these things are done for you by the tour agency.
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