Concert Stage Music Stands and Lighting

RAT Stands is a worldwide leader in concert stage stands and lighting accents. With quality workmanship and durable materials, we are committed to excellence in all music stands and accessories. In fact, our products are utilized by countless conductor, musicians, and performance halls all over the world. This is why we are a global leader and supplier of the best lighting and musical stands in the industry. Since 1976, RAT Stands has facilitated Broadway and international opera houses with the best in stands, conductor chairs, performance chairs and much more. With eye-catchy designs that correlate with any performance or theme – we are proud to continue the great RAT Stand tradition.

RAT Stands for Concert Stages

RAT Stands features a full range of products that will electrify your concert stage. From RAT musical stands and performer chairs to lighting – we can truly illuminate any live performance or event. This includes Broadway shows, along with rock concerts and especially operas. RAT products are technically advanced to support all artists, musicians and musical directors. In fact, our products continue to receive great reviews and industry ratings across the globe. Here are some of the top-notch items we feature at RAT Stands for your convenience:

•    Adjustable, lightweight and mobile music stands – orchestras, operas, concerts, and performers.
•    Acoustic screen, light stands, and conductor music sheet stands for all live performances.
•    Innovative and cutting-edge illumination and lighting stands for all events.
•    Speed Decks – Tablet Stands – wired and wireless components and accessories.
•    All types of ergonomically-designed chairs – performers, conductors and musicians.
•    Personalized and customized stands that are durable, sturdy and designed to last for years to come.

When it comes to RAT Stands, you get true quality and dedication with every product. We also feature a range of promotional discounts and specials at our site.

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