Joinery Cambridge

Choosing the right joinery expert for your Cambridge home is important – joinery is expensive and you don’t want your project to go wrong. Whether you are installing new wardrobes, a new floor or door and window frames you should take your time and select the right joiner. There are certain qualities that will tell you whether you are working with the right one. The first and most important is experience. The longer a joiner has been at work the better. Find out whether they specialize in the kind of work that you want done, and the last time that they did it. Ask them if they will do the job themselves or whether they will subcontract it.

When it comes to projects around your home it is always important to get a contract before any work is done and joinery is no exception – it helps protect you in case things don’t work out. Your contract should include all the details of the job as well as a breakdown of all the costs. It should also indicate when the work will be complete. Your joinery expert should be very clear about what happens in case he cannot complete the work on time – will you get a discount for every day that the job is not complete? This helps motivate joiners to do jobs in a timely manner.

Joiners typically provide all supplies that are required for your job but you should clarify with yours whether they will be doing that. Look into their supplier to find out whether they have a reputation for quality materials. Make sure that you get a guarantee from your joiner in case the work doesn’t hold up.

One joinery company that will not let you down is Salmons Bros. Ltd. They are known for top quality work and they endeavour to finish all their projects on time.

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