How To Build A Shower Enclosure In 5 Steps


If you are looking to make an improvement on your home then you have many options. However, not all options are going to being you the same amount of enjoyment. Some options are nice, but there are others that really jump off the page. When it comes to upgrading the inside of your home you want to focus on upgrading the things that you use regularly. Let’s face it, you do not spend much of your time in your garage so it does not make much sense to spend a ton of money and a ton of time upgrading this particular feature of your home. If you are going to upgrade something it always recommended that you start off with either the bathroom or the kitchen. Most people prefer to start off with the bathroom because of how peaceful and private of an area it is. The best way to improve your bathroom is to build a shower enclosure. Below is a list of 5 steps that anyone can follow in order to build a shower enclosure.

Steps To Building A Shower Enclosure 

  1. Purchase Cheap And Trusted Materials
  2. Determine Measurements And Dimensions
  3. Install Outer Features And Attach To Surfaces
  4. Hook Piping And Plumbing Up
  5. Test For Leaks And Malfunctions

Step 1 – Purchase Cheap And Trusted Materials

The first step is to buy cheap and trusted materials. Buying materials from a place like Home Depot or Lowes are highly recommended. Remember that it will be a pain to repair your shower due to faulty materials.

Step 2 – Determine Measurements And Dimensions

Next, you will want to measure the dimensions of the area that you are using to place the shower enclosure in. Once you have the measurements you can begin to cut the materials to match those dimensions.

Step 3 – Install Outer Features And Attach To Surfaces

After you have customized your materials the next step is to attach all the materials to their assigned surfaces.

Step 4 – Hook Piping And Plumbing Up

Once you have connected everything to their respected surfaces, the next step is to hook up the plumbing. Be sure that you do this precisely because a plumbing mistake spells big trouble.

Step 5 – Test For Leaks And Malfunctions 

Lastly, test everything out make that there are no leaks or malfunctions that would affect the quality of the shower.


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