Milkman UK

If getting milk and other groceries for your Cambridgeshire home is becoming a hassle you should consider engaging the services of a milkman. Milkmen were common in the past but as commercialization became rampant people started getting their milk in cartons from the shop. Today, the institution is coming back to life because many people realize that it makes a lot of sense to have your milk delivered and here is why:

• There simply isn’t enough time to go to the store for milk every day. If you are a busy person the services of a milkman will come in handy because apart from milk they can deliver things like bread, butter, cheese, jam and much more.

• Milkmen deliver milk that is produced locally which means that it is much fresher and healthier than you would get at the shop. The milk usually comes from surrounding farms which means that it doesn’t cost much to transport. If you like to eat organic food you should find a milkman who can also deliver a variety of vegetables and fruit.

• By buying your milk from a milkman near you it helps support local farmers – their industry has been floundering over the years and your purchases will help at least one of them keep their door open.

• This is a valuable service for those who cannot make it to the shop either because they are elderly or are convalescing.

• Milkmen use recycled glass bottles to deliver which means that they leave less of a carbon footprint.

One highly recommended milkman service in Cambridgeshire is Plums Dairy. They have delivered milk in the are for more than 60 years and they are very reliable. They can also deliver a host of other groceries.

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