The Ideal Window Sash

Looking at many modern houses today, there are so many window designs to always pick from but are all of them necessary? This is the first question that needs to come to your mind and you will need to have good leverage whenever picking out a design for your window sash.
You May Need to Think About Some Factors
Before picking a suitable window sash or design, you need to consider several aspects such as the weather of the area, the security and maybe even factors such as kids. It would be absolutely absurd to have your window sash made out of weak wooden frames and yet you live in a windy area or maybe your area has experienced several disasters such as tornados.
The Best Materials to Use
In this modern day century, contractors and builders now have a variety of materials for the frame and sash but here is what you didn’t know about it:
Tracing back to the 1970s, Vinyl became a popular frame material due to the fact that it’s fairly priced and is energy efficient. Major contractors even referred to it as the ‘white gold’ because of the vast market created for it. This material is mainly made out of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which has the capability to provide solid insulation.
Thanks to Geographers and Scientists, Aluminum was discovered as one of the most versatile materials for building. Apart from that, the metal has always been affordable in many cases and can be customized for various projects. One should also not forget that this material is durable and can last for many years.
Clad Wood
Just from the name itself, clad wood consists of the wood itself but only that the exterior frame is clad with either aluminum or vinyl in order to make it more durable and weather resistant as well. Unfortunately, this kind of material will definitely cost more than regular wood due to its added advantages.

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