Music Chairs by RAT Stands

RAT Stands is proud to feature a wide array of chairs for live performances and operas. These comfortable chairs are ergonomically-designed to ensure optimal mobility and balance during live musical performances. Whether looking for Conductor or Opera chairs, our units offer excellent lumbar support with adjustable seat angles. You also have your choice of optional adjustable legs, which enable the angle of the backrest and height – of the chair – to be adjusted as well. Here are some of the top chairs we offer for professional musicians, conductors, bands and orchestras.
Assembly Chair – Folding
The Assembly Chair is expertly designed to offer enhanced support and optimal comfort. Whether for live performances, recording sessions, or musical ensembles -these chairs are guaranteed to meet all your needs across the board.
The Opera Chair
Opera chairs are designed for professional conductors and musicians. With excellent lumbar support and adjustable seat angle, these chairs truly offer maximum comfort and mobility for all performers. In fact, the near vertical stack – and small stacking pitch- enables the chair to be stacked on a flat-floor without the need for a trolley.
The Acoustic Baffle for the Opera Chair
The Acoustic Baffle sits securely on the back of our signature Opera Chair – and can easily be removed. This saves you floor space, while securing the best audio environment possible for musicians. It also helps diffuse high frequencies and prevents long-term damage.
The Conductor’s Chair
The Conductor’s Chair is designed to support your lumbar region during live concerts and practice sessions.

The Bass Stool

The Bass Stool is simply perfect for your bassist or percussionist. Designed with comfort and stability in mind, this chair is available in 4 varieties and can easily be customized and adjusted as desired.
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