Soldier Physiological Monitoring System Developed By Equivital

Things to Know About Soldier Physiological Monitoring System Developed By Equivital
Equivital is a company that has developed tech products that can be worn by professionals to help in providing real time data of mobile human precisely and accurately to keep an eye on the health of healthy people. The soldier physiological monitoring system, Black Ghost, developed by them is one of the three products they have developed.
Three products developed by Equivital include TnR, Orann and Black Ghost. They have developed TnR for the researchers and Orann for trails at pharmaceutical clinics and healthcare centers. The third Black Ghost has been developed for the applications used for professional welfare and safety of the military to get first response of emergency in the hazardous areas. In this write-up you will get more information about Black Ghost to know it more precisely.
Black Ghost
It is a military training system that provides real-time information about the critical condition of the military personnel so that actionable decision can be made.
Introduction with Black Ghost
Black ghost is a system used in military training to provide scalable real-time information about the location of the troops including their geo-fencing, geo-location and safety alarms and alerts sent by the soldiers within their training center.
Working of Black Ghost
The data sent through the body worn Equivital sensors and other sources is used by Black Ghost to provide information to the training center so that an actionable critical decision can be made in real-time. Black Ghost can stream data through the cellular phone, sitcom, radio or any other medium of communication available with the soldier.
It measures physiological signals at various parameters including the respiratory function, heart, movement, cardiac data, temperature and expenditure of energy. This data is processed intelligently within the sensor or at the back end.
The data can flexibly be communicated through a data capable radio of military which can send the information to the adapter of Equivital and the base station so that it can be uploaded into the database of Black Ghost. It can also work through Wi-Fi or on telephone network of GSM mobile phones. Thus, in the local network the data remains safe as it is not safe to transit anonymous data received for the sensor.
Black Ghost also uses external sources like GPS to collect data to find out the location of the soldier along with weather conditions like humidity and temperature whereas other sensors are used as motion detectors in training centers. It also activates geo-fencing to be used in navigational training exercises to know when an individual or individuals have crossed the limits so that an action can be taken as soon as possible. It can also be used for locating the soldiers who have strayed far away from the training center.
Benefits of soldier physiological monitoring system, Black Ghost
Access real-time information from training area to ensure safety and efficiency of the soldiers and improve their practicesAccess information relevant to measure changes in the performance against the set limitsProvide objective validation to the trainers about training practices and developing new and adaptive techniques for training practicesProvide information to help in improving understanding about the performance of squad and individual, effects of psycho-physiological stressors and effects of fatigue.

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